Your Instagram Content Calendar for Florists

instagram content calendar prompts for wedding florists

Are you trying to grow your wedding floral design business on Instagram and you’re feeling exhausted? You’re constantly thinking about what to post everyday, and even if you do get something out, you get only 2 likes, no shares, no saves and no follows.

You’re tired, and honestly, trying to think of what to post next is starting to feel like a game you can’t win. But what if I told you that you don’t have to play the guessing game anymore because you can get into the brains of 10,000 real wedding couples that The Knot surveyed.

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The insights and strategies I’m about to share with you aren’t just any general Instagram tips for small businesses—they’re laser-focused on you, the wedding florist. This is about showcasing your unique passion and connecting directly with couples dreaming up their big day with flowers.

So imagine not just knowing what to post, but being so on point that your content practically jumps off the screen and into the hearts of your dream clients.

By the end of this video, you’re not just walking away with an Instagram strategy—you’re getting a full-blown content calendar for the next 4 weeks and an Instagram strategy that you can rinse and repeat!

Whether you’re posting on Instagram every day or once in a blue moon, I’m sure you’re familiar with this platform. I’m sure you also know that a lot of couples research for wedding vendors on there, especially one as visual as wedding floral designs.

Well, just to confirm that it’s true, The Knot’s Real Weddings Vendors Report shows that 91% of the wedding planning happens online! So this is definitely a clear indication that you NEED to up your Instagram game (and your website is also a top priority, but that’s another topic for another video! So if you want in on this future video with some website pointers, make sure you subscribe to my channel <wink>)

Alright so before we talk about what exactly to post on your Instagram feed, let’s talk about your strategy.

  1. Number of Likes & Follows

Number one, let’s just get this out of the way! The number of “likes” and “followers” don’t matter! Listen, you really have to train yourself to not care about how many likes and follows you have. Not all of your ideal clients who reach out to you on Instagram will give you a follow. You have to understand the buyer’s journey. If they see what they like on your Instagram feed, they will hit the “message” button to reach out before they hit that follow button. I often notice that potential clients follow me after sending an email or after a few DM messages. And often I have people book me without even following me. So let’s just not focus on these useless metrics.

  1. Your Feed is Not Just a Gallery

In the visually saturated world of Instagram, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your feed like a static portfolio. You post photos after photos of your floral arrangements, hoping they speak for themselves. No, in this case, unfortunately, a picture is not worth a thousand words. Let’s get real, without context or a story, even the most beautiful arrangement just becomes another photo of a centerpiece on people’s feeds and they just scroll right past it. So stop treating your Instagram feed only like a gallery of your work. Because you know what happens when you do? Well, you’ll just blend in with the hundreds of florists in your area.

It’s a jungle out there, and the truth is, your potential clients are looking for more than just aesthetics; I mean, if they want that, Pinterest is 1000x better for finding the perfect wedding inspiration. When your couples are searching on Instagram, they’re actually looking for a florist they feel a connection with, someone who can bring their floral visions to life. That’s where the real magic of Instagram happens; it’s not just showcasing your designs, it’s a place where you can actually show them that you care about their wedding beyond flowers and money.

  1. More Than Pictures

So what should you be doing other than posting photos of your work? Instagram is not only a place to show off your beautiful florals, but it’s a powerful platform for storytelling, educating, and engaging with your audience.

I can’t stress enough that it isn’t just your online photo album where you drop pics of your latest floral work and call it a day. If you stick to captions like, “Look at this stunning bouquet from last week’s wedding!”, you’re just echoing in a canyon filled with similar echoes.

If you write captions like “we’re so in love with this baby’s breath in mason jar rustic centerpiece from Samantha & Alex’s wedding”, do you think your audience would care? I mean, duh… they can see that there’s baby’s breath in the jar.

But have you noticed that all the other florists in your area do the same thing on Instagram or they literally write nothing in their captions except for some hashtags that won’t even get them clients.

Instead, you’d want to tell stories that your potential clients can relate to. People are genuinely nosy, stories draw people in and they will come back for more building connections and relationships.

You should also educate your audience so that they find value in your posts. When they do, they are more likely to reach out because not many other florists are doing that. They would feel that you’re someone who can make this planning and design process easy for them since you’re already providing so much value before they even reach out.

  1. Tell People What To Do Next

Now here’s where the magic of CTA comes in, your call-to-action. People need to be told what to do after reading your captions. It’s a little nudge reminding them what they should do next. And what do you want them to do next?

Well, you’d want them to keep engaging and take action. Your ultimate goal is not really for them to like and comment or follow but your goal is for them to keep engaging with you and learning more about you. So your CTA could be “see more beautiful weddings in our gallery, link in bio” or “go ‘here’ for FAQ’s about how to work with us”. Your ultimate ultimate goal is to direct them to your DM’s or inbox. So drop hints and direct traffic with CTA’s like “DM me and let’s talk about your flowers” or “reach out via the link in bio to get a quote”.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

And the last strategy I want to touch on is the fact that you don’t have to be posting every day. Let’s get real, no florist out there has the time to post valuable posts every single day unless they have a VA or helper to help them do that, but for most of us, we’re just a one-woman show. So let’s focus on the quality of each post rather than stressing out about posting every day. I’d say posting 3 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is good… but if that’s still too much for you, just post 2 times a week and really make those posts valuable and interesting for your audience.

Caption Ideas Inspired by Real Couples

Now that you understand what your Instagram strategy should be, it’s time to dive into what to write in your captions so that you can elevate your posts from just eye candies to meaningful conversations.

We’re using what real couples say they want from The Knot’s survey so that when they read your captions, they’re thinking “oh wow, this florist really knows what we’re thinking and what we want!” And if you want to review those stats, you can read this blog post [or watch the video here] where I dive into each stat and what it means for you as a wedding floral designer.

60% of Couples are Excited About Bringing Their Wedding Vision to Life.

What you can do is share mood boards and inspirational boards with captions like “Envisioning your wedding day starts here. Dive into these mood boards and let’s dream up your perfect day together, which vibe speaks to you? For your images, you can have a carousal of 3 to 4 mood boards with different themes and ask your audience to choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the comments.

63% of Couples Say Personalization is Most Important.

Give personalization tips for different couples. If your ideal clients love to travel or are mostly from out-of-town (meaning, a destination wedding), you can suggest in your captions: “Imagine incorporating your love story into your floral arrangements. For couples who love to travel, let’s bring the world to your wedding. Each table centerpiece can be infused with flowers from the places you’ve visited together.

If it’s a couple who loves to read, you can suggest they have flowers to match the themes of books they love.

Even though the tips you give in your captions might not be ones that match their wedding in particular, you’re actually telling your audience that you’re also big on personalization and you can help make theirs unique to them.

75% of Couples Care Most About the Guest Experience

You can write posts that speak to this desire. Highlight the guest experience with captions like “A wedding to remember isn’t just about saying ‘I do’; it’s about creating a day your guests will talk about for years to come. And here’s how you can do that with flowers…”

64% of Couples Are Budget Conscious

Remember that couples who are “budget conscious” doesn’t mean they are budget couples. High-end clients also care about what their budget can give them in terms of flowers and how grand their wedding will feel.

Educate your audience about floral budgets with posts that talk about budget ranges. Give them an idea of what it costs to work with you. You can show different weddings and say, “If you love this look, this is roughly what it will cost you…” and they don’t have to be low-budget. They can be in price ranges of $6000, $10,000, $14,000.

One-Third of Couples Seeking Out Small Businesses.

You’re a small business! Share your story and value, and invite your audience into the heart of your business and your journey as a floral entrepreneur. You can have captions like “This is why I love helping my couples bring their floral visions to life” and then you explain in more detail. You can also have posts that talk about your process and what ti’s like to work with you. And of course, posts that include client testimonials.

37% of Couples Hire a Wedding Planner.

And lastly, this is part of your connection and visibility strategy. Since 37% of couples hire a wedding planner, that means it’s good to build genuine relationships with planners so they can refer you to their clients.

So here’s how to get planners to notice you on Instagram.

  1. Choose 5 to 10 wedding planners in your area who you know are already working with your ideal couples.
  2. Set aside 10 minutes each day to engage with them.
  3. Like their recent post.
  4. Write a thoughtful and meaningful comment on their post. Thoughtful and meaningful and not just “Love this setup!”. Put more thought into it and make sure it’s a genuine comment.
  5. For wedding planners you’ve worked with before, you can highlight that wedding in your feed and stories and if you tag them, they will most likely share your content with their audience too!

Woohoo so many ideas! Now let’s turn this into your month’s worth of content! You can take each of the statistics that we just talked about and turn them into posts! You know that 75% of the couples are big on the guest experience so write posts centered around this theme. 1/3 of the couples make it a point to hire small businesses, so you can talk about how your small business is different than other florists and talk about the process and what it’s like to work with you and the personalized attention they will get when they hire you, which also touches on the point that 63% of the couples say that personalization is most important for them.

So you can turn each of these stat into what we call a content pillar.

Instagram Content Pillars for Wedding Floral Designers

Each post will be centered around one content pillar or you can touch on more than one in a post. But the point is to have this act as a guide for your captions so you will never have to wonder what to post anymore!

I’ve put together a content calendar prompt that you can download for free. You can take this content calendar, rinse and repeat it every month so you will always have something to write about that you KNOW couples actually care about. If you got to this blog from my email list, you already have it in your email <wink>

And if you need more help with that to save you time from writing your own captions, I have done it for you! You can check out my 90+ done-for-you captions offer with my full blow Instagram course for wedding florists like you and how you can step up your Instagram game with you the overwhelm.

Alright, that’s it for this week my floral friend! I’ll see you next week!

Comment your take-away below so I know the kinds of blogposts I should write more of to help you grow your wedding floral design business.

Cheering you on!


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