This is What Wedding Couples Really Want in 2024

what 2024 wedding couples really care about-a floral designers guide

The Knot just dropped their 16th annual Real Weddings Vendor Report for 2024, and it’s packed with juicy statistics and insights directly from engaged couples!

Friend, do you know what this means?! It’s like having a sneak peek into what couples really want for their weddings and then getting to use that insider info to boost your floral design business. That’s exactly what we’re doing here.

I’ve combed through the vendor report and am excited to share the 7 important things that I’ve discovered. More importantly, I’ll dive into what these findings mean for us in the wedding floral design industry. Get ready for some game-changing insights that could really help your business grow in 2024!

1. 91% of Wedding Planning Happens Online

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority of the couples are planning their weddings online since the Millennials and Gen Z’s basically live on the internet. This means from the venue selection to hiring vendors, couples are relying on the internet more than ever.

What this means for wedding floral designers: It’s important that you don’t just exist online but you need to be easily discoverable by engaged couples. Your website needs to be more than just a digital placeholder; it must rank high in search engines so that when a couple is dreaming up their perfect day, you’re there in their moment of searching.

Not only do you need a website that’s discoverable, but you need one that shines brighter than all your competitors and stand out among the hundreds of florists in your area.

And let’s not forget Instagram—that’s where a lot of couples search for vendors too, especially one that’s as visual as floral designs. Being active and engaging on this platform is non-negotiable for us to connect with your audience and showcase your beautiful work.

2. 37% Hire a Wedding Planner

So nearly 4 out of 10 couples are teaming up with wedding planners. It’s like engaged couples are saying, “Help, we need somebody…not just anybody! We need a professional to guide us through the maze of planning our big day.”

What this means for wedding floral designers: Building strong relationship with wedding planners can be a game-changer for your business. These professionals can recommend your services to their clients, giving you a more steady stream of business.

Being a wedding planner myself, a lot of the times I don’t need to give my couples too many choices per vendor category. Often times, they go with the one single photographer or DJ that I recommend, the couples don’t need me to give them 4 DJ and 3 photographers to choose from. They just want to know the one single DJ that I think is best for their wedding. They trust me that this vendor is the perfect fit for them and they’d happily hire them.

3. 60% are Excited About Brining Their Vision to Life

Picture this: 60% of couples out there are buzzing with excitement because they get to see their dream wedding come true. That’s where you come into play with your knack for creating stunning floral arrangements and installations. It’s not just about flowers; it’s about bringing those Pinterest boards and dreamy visions to life.

What this means for wedding floral designers: This little nugget of info is a big hint that you’ve got to really listen to your couples during their first consultation. Listen closely to what their wedding vision is so that you can use the same words in your proposal, making them feel that they are being heard, that you understand them perfectly, and that you are the florist to bring their visions to life.

4. 63% Say Personalization is Most Important

Closely tied to the excitement of bringing their wedding vision to life, 63% of couples stressed the importance of personalization in their wedding planning.

What this means for wedding floral designers: This calls for a kick-butt floral design proposal where they feel that you’ve really personalized their florals to tell their story.

For instance, if they love to travel, you could incorporate flowers from countries they’ve visited together into their arrangements. Or, if they share a love for literature, you could suggest that they name each table after their favorite books and choose flowers that match the theme of each book. Even if they don’t end up having different flowers for each table, they will feel that you are really trying to help them make their wedding unique with these suggestions. Who knows, they might still use your table names suggestion and you will look like the hero.

5. 75% Care Most About the Guest Experience

Oh this is a huge one! Couples emphasize that it’s important to prioritize the guest experience when planning their wedding. This means everything from the venue to entertainment and, yes, the floral arrangements.

What this means for wedding floral designers: You can use this in your marketing copy! After reading this stat, I immediately went to my website to make sure that I do have a mention of this on my homepage near the top (I already had this btw since my ideal clients do care about this – I gathered this from all the consultations I’ve had and this one was one that was mentioned a lot – another pro tip: use words your ideal clients use during consultations for your marketing copy).

Your role in enhancing the guest experience cannot be understated. Floral designs play an important role in creating an inviting and memorable experience, do you not agree? Focus on designing spaces that not only reflect the couple’s vision but also create a comfortable and memorable environment for their guests.

6. 64% Are Budget Conscious

While 64% of couples are mindful of their wedding budget. Be careful though, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re budget couples or unwilling to invest in what matters most to them. For some, a floral “budget” could be in the tens of thousands, depending on their overall budget and priorities.

What this means for wedding floral designers: You need to take the opportunity to educate your website visitors and social media audiences about floral costs and prices. You’re not giving away prices but you can be transparent about what to expect for their florals. Remember, even high-end clients appreciate understanding where their money is going and what their budget can get them.

7. One-Third of Couples Seek Out Small Businesses

The trend towards supporting small businesses is stronger than ever, with one-third of couples looking to hire them for their wedding. Also, businesses that are owned by underrepresented groups are also more sought after right now.

What this means for wedding floral designers: As small business owners, you have the best opportunity to connect with your clients on a personal level. You should highlight your commitment to quality, and the personalized attention you can offer may be more appealing than ever to today’s couples. Emphasize your story, your brand’s values, and the personalized experience you provide to attract these clients.

So there you have it, the 7 things that really stood out to me in this report. And it just confirms what we’ve always known – the wedding scene is forever changing and never dull!

Seriously, if you grab hold of these insights and really run with them, tweaking what you do here and there, you’re not just going to get by. You’re going to knock it out of the park and keep growing, no matter how much this industry shifts and turns. It’s all about staying on your toes and keeping things fresh.

Download your workbook for action steps based on data and insights from the report HERE.

Download The Knot’s Real Weddings Vendor Report for 2024 HERE.

2024 is your year, let’s grow your wedding floral design business together!

Cheering you on!

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