Wedding Floral Brand: What You Actually Need – NOT Logo!

Are you tired of losing wedding floral design clients to other cheaper florists in town?
t’s pretty annoying, isn’t it?

You put all this time into quoting and creating design proposals but then a lot of couples ghost you. Well, guess what? It’s not really about the prices you quote them.

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The truth is, couples aren’t seeing the unique value you bring to the table for their wedding. You pretty much look like every other florist they reached out to, so of course they choose the cheapest option because they just can’t see the difference, they have nothing else to compare other than the price.

Let’s change that for you with brand strategy.
BUT hold on!

Before you click away thinking branding, you already have your branding, your logo, your fonts and color palette. Well these elements are actually only 10 percent of your brand. Shocking, right? I didn’t know that either!

But once I did! It was a game-changer and that’s how I literally went from signing $1K weddings to $10K weddings, even in the midst of covid when everyone had to cut their guestlists!

By the end of this blogpost, you’re going to understand what a brand really consists of so that you can stand out among other florists, not by slashing your prices, but by branding your business in a way that showcases your unique value.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers visual elements

So we talked about how logos and color palettes are just 10% of your entire brand. In fact, in the big picture of brand strategy, these visual elements aren’t even the first things we’d be creating. Now, let’s dive into the first steps to your brand strategy and the remaining 90% of it – the powerful stuff that truly sets you apart and attracts those dream clients and are happy to pay a premium for your services.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers who you are

First you’ve to define who you are. What are your company’s purpose, values and personality? They reflect the principles you stand by, which can significantly influence client decisions. If your values align with those of your clients—such as a commitment to sustainability or bespoke designs and services—this can elevate their perception of your brand, aligning you with clients who value quality and ethics over cost.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers who you're for

Once you define who you are, you explore who you’re FOR. Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to appeal to everyone, does that sound familiar? Take the time to understand your ideal client. Who are they? What’s their wedding vision? What are their priorities and style preferences? By getting clear on who you’re drawn to work with, you can tailor your brand messaging and showcase the specific floral experience you can offer them. This targeted approach attracts couples who truly resonate with your style and value what you bring to the table, making them more likely to invest in your services.

If you need more help with this, I’ve got a free PDF fillable workbook that you can download for your 5 steps to dream clients.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers brand voice and messaging

After being clear on who you are and who you’re for, you can then work on your brand voice and messaging. It’s how you communicate your brand’s personality. It means keeping it real and consistent in how you talk, whether in emails, on social media, or over the phone. This builds a comfortable vibe with potential clients. When they know what to expect from your communications, they trust you more. Trust equals reliability, which means, people are more likely to book you for your big day.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers competitors

Now let’s talk about your competitors. Or I like to call them your neighbors because I see them as more than competitors. I love seeing you build a community and help each other out. When you’re not available, you can refer others who you think might be a good fit for your couples, and vice versa. Being helpful and generous is also part of your brand values and personality.

Alright, so we have to keep an eye on our neighbors. because knowing what’s happening around you can really help sharpen your brand. Understanding other florists in your area is all about seeing what they’re up to. It’s not about copying them, but about understanding what they offer so you can do things even better, or different. Check out their services, their style, and especially how they talk to their clients. What are they doing well? Where do they fall short? This info is gold—it helps you find gaps that you can fill to stand out.

For example, if you notice that most neighbors stick to very traditional designs but you’re great at more modern, bold arrangements, there’s your niche, your defined style. Highlight that in everything from your social media to your website. Or maybe you see that while others are slow to respond to client inquiries, you can win big by being super responsive and personable.

By really understanding what your neighbors are up to, you can carve out a clear spot for yourself in the industry. This makes you the go-to choice for clients who are looking for something that only you can offer. We call this your unique selling proposition, your unique selling point.

brand strategy for wedding floral designers visual elements

Now let’s circle back to your visual identity—your logo, fonts, colors, and imagery.

Visuals are powerful, but to really make them effective, you need a solid brand strategy first. By understanding your core values, ideal client, and messaging, you can create visuals that not only look great but also resonate deeply with your audience and clearly differentiate you from competitors. This targeted approach ensures your visuals hit the mark, tying your whole brand together, making it pop, and bringing it to life.

Your logo should reflect the essence of your brand, it should be recognizable and memorable enough to stand out in a crowd.

The fonts you choose for your branding materials, like your website, and printed collaterals should complement your brand’s personality. Elegant scripts can suggest luxury and attention to detail, while more straightforward, clean fonts might communicate modernity and simplicity.

Your brand’s color palette should evoke emotions and set the mood. Choosing the right color palette helps reinforce the feelings you want your brand to have. Soft pastels might be romantic and tender, while bold, vibrant colors might speak to a more energetic and modern group of couples.

The imagery and photography style you choose plays an important role too. High-quality images that consistently showcase your floral arrangements in the best light are essential and non-negotiable. Whether you opt for a light and airy or dark and moody photography style, each conveys a distinct feeling and brand image. Choose a photography style that aligns with the emotions you want to evoke in your clients.

brand strategy consitency is key

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with your brand strategy and crafted a captivating visual identity, it’s important to make sure everything comes together seamlessly. Maintaining consistency across every single touchpoint with your clients is key. Whether it’s through your website, social media, email communications, or even how your business is presented in person on the wedding day, every interaction should reflect the same voice and visual style.

Consistency helps build trust and recognition. When clients see the same colors, hear the same tone, and experience the same level of quality across all platforms, it reinforces their perception of your brand as professional and reliable. All this makes your brand feel more dependable and memorable, which is especially important in a competitive market.

By making sure that everything from your marketing materials to your customer service interactions are aligned, you’re not just selling a product or a service; you’re providing a predictable and reassuring experience that not only satisfies but also impresses your clients so much that they can’t help but give you a 5-star review and rave about you to their friends who are next in line to tie the knot!

There you go. That’s your brand strategy in a nutshell: who you are, who you’re for, your voice and messaging, your competitors, your visual identity, and consistency in everything you do. When you mix all these elements together and implement them effectively, you’re not just a florist—you’re a premium brand that offers something truly special. This is how you stand out and attract clients who are not just looking for the best price but the best experience. By emphasizing these parts of your brand, you position yourself as the go-to florist for anyone looking to make their wedding genuinely unforgettable. I also talk about defining your style and niching down in this blogpost if you’re interested in knowing more.

Now action steps!

  1. Get Clear on Your Brand: Spend some time figuring out what your brand is all about. What are the big values you stand by? What makes you different from the other guys? Get those nailed down.
  2. Know Your People: Think about who your ideal clients are. What do they like? What are they looking for? Understanding who you’re talking to can make a huge difference.
  3. Audit Your Current Brand: Take a good look at your current brand stuff—like your logo, social media, and how you communicate. Does it really show off what your brand stands for? If something feels off, it might be time for a tweak or two.
If you liked this blogpost, stay tuned next week for more next-level branding strategy for wedding floral designers like yourself. I will be talking about how to leverage styled shoots (< read it here it’s up!) and not just get a few shots for your Instagram posts that doesn’t really do anything for your brand. I’ll see you next week!
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