Website Audits for Wedding Floral Designers

Making sure your website is working for your business doesn't need to be rocket science

I can tell you exactly what changes to make to your website so you can rest easy knowing it’s designed to bring in new wedding leads even while you’re sleeping!

You’ve got a website… but you’re wondering if it’s actually doing anything for your business

You’re not getting as many wedding inquiries as you want and you aren’t sure whether it’s your website, or your wedding packages, or something else

You keep making minor tweaks to your website, swamping out stock photos and changing fonts, even though you have no idea if that makes a difference

You creep on your competitor’s websites to see what they’re doing and before you know it, you’ve fallen down a comparison rabbit hole trying to recreate the same elements on your website

Your inbox is full of checklists, templates and website tips about designing a good site, what elements to have on your website and all that jazz, but you can’t even find the time to open all those emails

wedding business website audit

Your friends and family all think it’s amazing you’ve created this website yourself, but you know they’re just being nice (bless their souls).

After having poured sweat and tears into your website, you just want to know that your website is good enough and doing what it’s supposed to do.


You started this business so you could help engaged couples plan and design their wedding day florals and make their day absolutely beautiful without the stress, not so you could learn about websites.

You just want an honest expert opinion about your website so that you can focus on doing what you love most: creating beautiful florals for your clients.

wedding business website audit service

Website Audits for Wedding Floral Designers

I opened up only 10 slots for the remainder of the year so that I can give your website my undivided attention!

How it Works...


Purchase your website audit package below


Fill out the information form in your email


After 7 business days, you will receive your recorded website audit


Start making changes and convert more clients!


  • you DIY-ed your website
  • it’s been 12+ months since you launched or updated your website
  • want a professional web designer’s eyes on your website to make sure you’re not missing anything critical
  • you want a website that converts better


  • you hired a professional web designer to build your website in the last 6 months
  • you don’t want more leads coming into your business – perhaps you have enough high quality leads
  • if you don’t want to prequalify clients with your website and waste time on clients who aren’t a good fit
wedding business website audit for wedding floral designers

Imagine if you don't take action TODAY...

You can stay the same and keep your websites mediocre and not attract as many leads as you could have.

Imagine if you DO take action TODAY...

Imagine you can just get more potential clients to fill out your contact form and reach out to you to start the conversation.

wedding business website audit service

Hi Floral Friend!

I’m Caryn, nice to meet you!

  • I’ve been in the wedding industry for 17 years, I’ve done it all
  • I’ve started multiple failed businesses during that time
  • I bought 40k to 50k worth of courses from wedding and non-wedding experts and took all the best things to implement in my own business to make it work
  • I’ve turned my struggling business around using only 2 months to implement
  • I went from guessing my floral quotes and wholesale orders to knowing exactly how much I profit from every single wedding
  • I use only 1 hour (or less!) a day to manage my floral design business
  • I now profit between 73% to 80% on all my weddings


Website Audit for Wedding Floral Designers

$197-1 time payment
  • Detailed Homepage Audit & Suggestions
  • Overall Website Suggestions & Improvements
  • Overall Branding & Design Audit
  • Mobile Responsiveness Audit
  • Basic SEO Audit
  • Bonus: Website Checklist
  • Bonus: Website Homepage Layout Template


What website platforms do you audit?

My website audits is for my to help you make sure your website supports your business goals, regardless of the website platform you’re currently using.

How will the website audit be delivered?

I will go through your website and send you a very detailed PDF audit for you. It’s easy to follow along to improve each suggestion. The PDF is well over 33 pages!

How long will the audit take?

Once you sign up for your website audit, you will be emailed a form to fill out. It is for us to better understand your business, your brand and your goals.

Once we receive your completed form, please give us around 7 business days for your website to be audited.

I’d love to. We can schedule a call to discuss options for continuing to work together depending on the platform you’re already using.

What if after the website audit, I decide that I just want you to build a brand new website for me?

Super exciting! In this case, I’ll count your website audit payment as a credit towards this new project.

However, before a new website design, there are certain things you must have in place in order for the new website to be highly converting. We will discuss all of this when you schedule a call with me.

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