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what 2024 wedding couples really care about-a floral designers guide

This is What Wedding Couples Really Want in 2024

Dive into The Knot’s 2024 Real Weddings Vendor Report with me! I’m breaking down key insights for wedding floral designers, from enhancing your online footprint to personalizing each bloom-filled moment. Discover how to make 2024 your most flourishing year yet. Read to see what this means for your business!

Year-end Review for Wedding Florists

This wedding season is said and done. But you need to review the past year so that you know what went well and what didn’t to improve for next year. Includes a template to help you!

When to Raise Your Prices in Your Wedding Business

5 Signs You Should Raise Your Prices

Raising your prices every year is a GIVEN! But there are other times when you should also consider raising your prices & why you should give yourself a raise!

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