4 Things to Stop Doing to Grow Your Wedding Business

4 Things to Stop Doing to Grow Your Wedding Business Blog Cover

Wondering what you should be doing to grow your wedding business? If you’re not sure, you can ask the opposite question to gain some insight. Instead of asking what you should be doing, ask “what should I stop doing so that my wedding business can grow?” When I turned my struggling business around, here’s what I stopped doing…

1. Stop Being a Jack of All Trades

I offered every product and service possible for a girl like me who did it all by herself. It’s actually not something to be proud of. I realized now how silly it was. At one point, I was offering all of these at the same time:

  • wedding planning
  • floral design
  • wedding invitations design
  • wedding day stationery printing
  • personalized products
  • wedding favors
  • candy stations
  • popcorn stations
  • fake cake creations….!

You don’t grow a business doing everything by yourself and putting more and more on your plate by offering a few services at a time. Focus on your #1 expertise and perfect that skill before offering more. You want to be the GO-TO for that expertise of yours so that people know what to ask you for.

What is your #1 area of expertise? What do you need to let go of doing/offering in order to fully focus on that one expertise?

As soon as I started focusing on only wedding planning and floral design, not only did I start seeing more profit in my business, but I was also less stressed and less overwhelmed.

2. Stop Being a Perfectionist

I did mention above to perfect each skill before offering more… but that is not to be confused with doing things and getting it out there before it’s even perfect.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting to launch your new website but you’re not hitting that PUBLISH button because you think it’s not perfect. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to create a new brand for your business, one that speaks more to your ideal wedding couples than your old branding but you cannot decide on the new direction? Whatever it is that you’re working on now, it’s ok that it’s not perfect. Hate to break it to you, but it’s not like the minute you launch, you’re going to get a flood of people looking at it. Chances are, it takes time to get the word out! So use that time to gather feedback to keep tweaking and perfecting.

Progress is better than perfect. What is that one thing you’ve been waiting to perfect before launching? Just do it! And you will perfect it over time.

3. Stop Doing Everything from Scratch

I used to work without templates for the longest time. I just never sat my toosh toosh down to create templates for my business. My excuse was that I didn’t have time to create templates. But do you realize how silly this sounds? I didn’t have time to create templates because I was doing things over and over again! Things that I didn’t have to be doing from scratch every single time!

Creating templates will allow:

  • you to create consistency in your wedding business
  • you to have more time to work on other areas of your business
  • your assistant, if you have one, to easily use the template to reply to emails or write a blog post the way you want them to

Think of 2 things you want to create templates for. Start with that. Do 1 template a week or 2 templates a month, whatever works for you, but do set a goal of how many templates you want to create by x date.

4. Stop Consuming Only Free Content

Free content is great! They allow you a little peek into what you need to do to move your business forward. But it is really not the whole picture. Whereas in paid content, a course, group coaching, 1:1 mentorship, or a mastermind program, etc. is where you really get the step-by-step and the handholding while you work on your business.

It’s great that you WANT to work on your wedding business and you find experts on social media to learn from. But there comes a point when you really need to invest in yourself and your business. You need a well-round education and coaching so that you’re working on your business as a whole, not just little bits and parts of it. A coach or a mentor can look into your business, the situation you’re in, what stage of business you’re in, and where you want to go, and really guide you to the right path to take in order for you to get there.

You might be thinking that even without paid content, you can get to where you want to go, if you’re lucky. This is true, but I guarantee you, it will take you much longer to get to your goals. It wasn’t until I finally sucked it up and invested in my own education that I finally saw real results in my business. And I turned my decade of struggling business around in 3 short months!

Let’s just start with one area in your business which you want to work on. Is it your branding, your website, your marketing, or what is it that you feel is missing? Look for a program or a coach in the wedding industry who is an expert at what you want to work on, they’ve already achieved what you want to achieve. Suck it up, put a payment on the course/coach and let’s get your business to the next level!

Cheering you on!


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