How to Write a Floral Design Proposal Payment Plan

$115.00 / month for 2 months

Stop spending hours creating proposals after your client consultations. Here’s the exact floral design proposal I use in my wedding floral business to win over potential clients. In this proposal template, I give you the exact words I use to communicate the value of my services. Let’s stop focusing on the cost of the flowers and start focusing on the values, benefits, and transformations you can bring to your couples when they hire you.


Wedding Floral Proposal Template

I don’t know about you, but my ideal clients don’t book me based on the price, but they hire me based on the value they get from working with me. I communicate this value in my floral design proposal rather than just simply listing out the floral items they are purchasing. Let’s face it, most proposal templates out there only include the design layout in the template filled with gibberish texts that you need to write yourself. The template I’m giving you includes the exact words I use to convert leads into clients.

Remember, “Features Tell, Benefits Sell”! This is exactly what a winning wedding floral design proposal should be doing, selling the benefits, values, and transformation that your couples will get when they hire you as their wedding floral designer.

What You Get with This Template

  • You get back your time! No more spending hours writing a floral design proposal!
  • A video masterclass on the anatomy of a winning wedding floral design proposal that communicates your value rather than focusing on the dollar sign.
  • The exact proposal template I use in my very own wedding floral design business.
  • What to include in your quote and giving as little as possible before the couple hires you.
  • A step-by-step walk-through of how to easily customize the proposal template using Canva.
  • Any and all future updates to the proposal template.

How This Template is Different Than Others

  • How many times have you purchased a template only to realize they only give you the design, which you can easily do yourself, and a bunch of gibberish text that does nothing? In my floral proposal template, not only do you get the design layout, but you also get the exact words I use in my own floral design proposal.
  • I don’t just leave you hanging with a template. I walk you through it step-by-step, with a video, so that you can create your own winning proposal that works for you.

Let’s stop spending hours creating one proposal and do all that work before you’re even hired. Use those few hours to do other tasks that helps you move your business forward.

See you inside this mini template course!