Not All Wedding Floral Clients Are Equal

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Struggling to book your dream wedding floral clients? The ones who rave about your style and trust your vision?  Here’s the thing I wish I knew when I started: not all wedding clients are created equal.

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By the end of this blogpost, you’ll understand why targeting a specific wedding clientele is the missing piece to attracting dream wedding clients who value your unique style and make floral design a joy, not a “job” so to speak. We’ll explore the pitfalls of trying to be everything to everyone, and how focusing your marketing efforts can lead to a flourishing business filled with your ideal clients.

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For more than a decade being in the wedding industry, I chased every wedding lead that came my way. I did everything I can to book all of them, including giving away free things or giving discounts, endless consultations – I was determined. It sounded amazing, right? Packed calendar, tons of weddings.

But in reality, it was total burnout nightmare.

So why aren’t all wedding clients created equal? There are a few key reasons why trying to be the “flower person” for everyone can actually hurt your business:

1. Mismatched Visions:

Imagine spending hours creating an arrangement that just misses the mark entirely because the couple’s dream aesthetic clashes with your signature style. Not only is it frustrating for you, but it might leave the client disappointed.  This wasted effort highlights another downside:

2. Wasted Energy:

When you cast a wide net, you spend a lot of time and resources on leads that ultimately don’t convert. Marketing materials, consultations – it all adds up. Targeting allows you to focus your efforts on attracting clients who are a good fit, maximizing your return on investment. But even with focused marketing, the wrong message won’t attract your ideal client.

3. Generic Messaging = Bland & Forgettable:

When you try to appeal to everyone, your message becomes generic and loses its punch. Imagine a sea of wedding vendors all saying the same thing. How will couples who resonate with your unique style even find you? Targeting allows you to craft a message that speaks directly to your ideal client, making you stand out from the crowd. Standing out is crucial because:

4. The Discount Trap:

Discounts become a crutch to secure clients who might not value your work at its full cost. This can lead to undercharging and feeling undervalued as an artist. When you target the right clients, they appreciate your expertise and are willing to invest in your unique vision. Attracting these ideal clients also helps avoid:

5. Burnout & Frustration:

Remember those endless consultations and feeling like a square peg? Chasing generic leads leaves you feeling creatively drained and disconnected from your passion. Targeting lets you focus on projects that inspire you and create a sense of fulfillment in your work. Finally, targeting positions you strategically in the market:

6. The Competitor Trap:

The wedding floral world is kinda big. Trying to be everything to everyone puts you up against a sea of other designers, all vying for the same generic clientele. Targeting a specific niche allows you to become the go-to expert for your ideal couple. They wouldn’t consider a generic “flower person” when they can have someone who can give them a unique floral experience tailored to their vision.

By focusing on a specific clientele, you can avoid these pitfalls and create a powerful, targeted message that resonates with your dream clients. This attracts couples who value your unique style and makes them seek you out, not the other way around.

Action Step: Take a Deep Dive into Your Ideal Client

Hit pause on the endless lead chasing and spend some quality time getting crystal clear on your dream wedding floral client.

Grab a notebook, your favorite beverage, and get ready to brainstorm!

Here are some guiding questions to get you started:

  • What aesthetics resonate most with your style?
  • What kind of wedding vibe excites you the most?
  • Describe your ideal client’s personality and vision for their wedding day.
  • What are some unique details you could offer that perfectly align with their vision?

By taking the time to really think about these questions, you’ll start to paint a picture of your ideal client. This will inform all your future marketing decisions and help you attract couples who are perfect for you.

So remember: Don’t skip this step! It’s so important because your ideal client is what makes up your brand. This foundation is crucial for building a thriving business filled with clients who adore your work and make floral design a true joy.

If you’re ready to take your wedding floral design business to the next level, in the next blogpost, I’m going to talk about what a strategic brand can do for your business. I know it sounds boring when you talk about branding, but spoiler alert, it not about logo, font, colors, it’s beyond that. So read that blogpost HERE.

Also don’t forget to download your free fillable PDF workbook of the 5 strategies I used to go from signing $1000 to $10000 dream clients

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