Do you want to book more weddings & book faster?

Do you want to spend only 15 minutes getting a wedding floral design proposal created and sent out?

How to Write a Floral Design Proposal that Books

Never dread the proposal process again. I have the secret that will change your perspective of writing proposals.

I’m going to give you the strategy and the exact words to use in your wedding floral design proposal!

So you already spent an hour pricing out your floral arrangements and installations. Then you usually spend another 2 hours creating the perfect proposal to send out with the quote.

You scroll endless through Pinterest and Google images to try to find that exact image that your couple will get for their florals.

Not only that, you spend a lot of time trying to describe every single floral item with nice fancy words that sound good because you think those are the words that would sell.

Oh I know what that is like. I used to spend 2 hour to 4 hours searching for the perfect images and putting together a proposal. The dumbest thing was that I did it from scratch every time. Not only that, I give a breakdown for every single flower item in the proposal and described all of them with pretty fancy words. Or at least, I tried. And I’m not even a writer.

I realized that what I was so picky about and hung up on were the things that didn’t matter to my couples. The things that I spent the most time on weren’t the things that sold my couples. I was focusing and wasting time on the wrong things.

Did you know...

There is something called “giving too much” in a proposal!

Well, guess what?

I only have ONE number in there. One total price in my entire 16-page proposal. Yes, you read that right! Zero breakdown of the flowers and labor.

AND I don’t write a fancy description for every single line item. I only have a few lines describing the style and vibe of the entire wedding.

Now, I spend only 15 minutes on one proposal!

That sounds amazing, doesn’t it??

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Not only will you get your proposals out in no time, in this course, you will learn the elements that a killer proposal needs.
Hint: It’s not a nice, low price tag to your design services!

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I get it, I know how you feel. You put in so much time and effort trying to get the prices right and create the perfect mood board for your proposals.



For many years I spent 3 to 5 hours on each proposal and was afraid to send anything out. I was so not confident.

I didn’t have systems and processes in place to help me get them out quickly. After all, I was doing hours of work and I wasn’t even paid yet, if ever they book.

I was burnt out trying to run this business but it was obviously running my life instead. I knew I had to change and figure out a proper way to get the proposals created and sent without working hours on end before I was even hired.


Do you want to…

  • Spend only 15 minutes on creating a proposal?
  • Not have to spend hours on a proposal, doing all that work for zero pay, and then… get rejected or ghosted?
  • Have a template that you can use over & over again and not have to start from scratch every time?
  • Get the exact words that I use in my own floral design proposal. The words that matter more than some fancy descriptive words of each of your floral arrangements?
  • Get the exact framework of what a proposal should include and have me walk you through all the elements, one-by-one
  • Have lots of examples so that you can write a proposal that speaks to your ideal couples?
  • Get the secret to communicating your value so that you can shift the focus away from the prices?
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  • Are spending way too much time creating a proposal
  • Value your time and don’t want to overwork before even being hired
  • Want the exact framework on a design proposal that books
  • You want a template that you can use to get a proposal out in 15 minutes


  • Don’t need to/not willing to take time to put systems and processes in place to help grow your floral business
  • Want to continue to sell your prices and not your value
  •  Are not interested in growing a business but continue as a hobby
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Imagine if you don't take action TODAY...

You can stay the same and keep spending hours on a proposal without getting paid. You will feel stressed and overwhelmed not having a system and process in place. If you’re already spending hours on proposals, where will you get the time and energy to take care of your clients and execute the wedding?

By the time wedding season rolls around (or those lucky to have wedding season all year round!), you’re already exhausted.

Imagine if you DO take action TODAY...

You can gain back a few hours of your time every week. You can start to have a system and process in place and have your business organized in a way that can bring you more clients.

You will be confident in your proposal systemYou will feel the freedom and have the energy to do even more. If you’re getting the right clients through your door, you can see instant results that you can book them faster.

Imagine saving hours on creating proposals that get you booked faster. What would you do with the hours that you save?

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Take a Peek Inside the Course Curriculum!


Intro – What Does Proposal Writing Look Like for You?

Module 1 - Proposals with Intention

Lesson 1 – The Importance of Proposals
Lesson 2 – Mindset & Perspective
Lesson 3 – The Anatomy of a Proposal

Module 2 - The Winning Proposal Framework

Lesson 1 – Problems & Solutions
Lesson 2 – Plan & Price
Lesson 3 – Guide & Call-to-Action

Module 3 - The Proposal Template Walk-Through

Lesson 1 – Quick Recap of the 6 Elements
Lesson 2A – Proposal Template Walk-Through for Experienced Canva Users
Lesson 2B – Proposal Template Walk-Through for Canva Newbies

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What You Get When You Say Yes...

  • You’ll get back hours of your time!
  • You will stand out from your competitors
  • You’ll book more and book faster
  • You’ll write words that sell
  • Easy to understand and step-by-step video lessons
  • The exact drag ‘n drop template that I use in my wedding floral design business
  • Exact words that I use in my template for your reference
  • Video walk-through of the proposal template and how I implemented the framework

Hi Floral Friend!

I’m Caryn, nice to meet you!

  • I’ve been in the wedding industry for 17 years, I’ve done it all
  • I’ve started multiple failed businesses during that time
  • I bought 40k to 50k worth of courses from wedding and non-wedding experts and took all the best things to implement in my own business to make it work
  • I’ve turned my struggling business around using only 2 months to implement
  • I went from working 3 to 5 weddings a weekend to only 1
  • I went from working 80 to 120 hours a week to using only 1 hour (or less!) a day to manage my floral design business
  • I now profit between 73% to 78% on all my wedding
  • I finally have more weekends off and more time with my family!
How to Write a Floral Design Proposal that Books
  • 10 Easy to Understand Lessons $497
  • Drag 'n Drop Template with the Exact Words I Use $197
  • 14-day 1:1 Support via Slack $497


Now Only $197!

1-pay Option

$197-1 time payment
  • Get back hours of your time!
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Book More Book Faster
  • Write words that sell
  • Easy to understand lessons
  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Exact drag ‘n drop template I use
  • 14-day Slack access to me
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

2-pay Option

$115-2 payments
  • Get back hours of your time!
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Book More Book Faster
  • Write words that sell
  • Easy to understand lessons
  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Exact drag 'n drop template I use
  • 14-day Slack access to me
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


When will I get access to the course and for how long?

You will instantly get lifetime access to all the modules in the course You can keep referring back to the formulas time and time again and even have a refresher every year! Personally, I think that the first module, “Mindset and Pricing Pitfalls”, it’s important to review it often so that you’re approaching your business with the right and healthy mindset. You don’t want to be the reason you’re getting in your own way of profiting more in your floral business!


You will also be notified of any updates in the future. I am constantly learning too! As I discover new or better methods, techniques or strategies, I will share them with you as well.

Is the template easy to use?

The template is literally just drag ‘n drop using Canva, a free design tool that you can sign up for. The template looks very professional giving you the edge on your competitors.

I'm not sure I've time to implement this framework.

If you want to save time, then you should take an hour or two to write your proposal using the framework that I am giving you. The words that actual get you booked. You only have to do it once (and tweak along the way!) and that’s it, you can save hours every time you need to send out a proposal as most of the proposal elements will already be done. Then the rest is just drag ‘n drop to customize the proposal for every new client inquiry.

This template is not like other templates you buy

that only give you the gibberish text and the proposal design that you can easily do yourself.

I’ve bought templates that were $149 but only to be super disappointed they’re nothing more than placeholder texts.

This template comes with 10 lessons, so you’re not just buying a template that does nothing and you’re on your own. It’s a full course on what and how to write the words that get you booked!

It shifts the focus AWAY from the price and focuses on the values and benefits of working with you.

This template comes with 10 lessons, so you’re not just buying a template that does nothing and you’re on your own. It’s a full course on what and how to write the words that get you booked!

Not only that, you will not get placeholder text, but actual words that I use in my own proposal. What you will get is what I send out to my own potential couples.

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90-days Money Back Guarantee
I am SO confident that this course will be a gamechanger for you.

I guarantee that you will make your money back in no time with the amount of time you save once you start implementing!

Unlike any other templates you might have previously purchased but gotten zero value from them, that there’s no need to ask for your money back on this one. But if you don’t find value on the proposal framework and you’re not able to save time on creating proposals, simply email us. In good faith, we will buy the course and template back from you.

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