How to Price Your Floral Designs | A Failproof Flower Pricing Formula

How to price your wedding florals failproof flower pricing formulas

Trying to figure out how much to charge your wedding floral design clients is one of the trickiest part of being a florist. In this video I’m going to lay it all out for you and let you in on a failproof pricing formula that will ensure you price with ease and profit at least 70% from all your wedding floral contracts.

We’re going to look at a couple of real-life samples so you can see exactly how it’s done. By the end of this video, you will no longer be guessing if you’re not charging enough or too much. You’ll have the confidence to quote your next client without ever having to second-guess yourself.

Which means, you will be able to get a quote out faster than ever. So, let’s get started and turn those pricing doubts into a clear path to being profitable.

And of course, I have you covered. I have a wedding floral pricing formula cheat sheet for you to download HERE!

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What to include in the price of your flowers

Alright, so here’s the thing: When you’re first figuring out what to charge for your floral designs, I’m sure it’s not exactly a walk in the park so before I get into the formulas, I really need you to understand what it means to charge your worth and having a sustainable business so that using the formulas will make sense for you. So I neeeed you to stay with me and not fast forward or click away. This is THAT important for your flower business.

Now imagine, you’ve got this beautiful bridal bouquet in front of you – it’s your masterpiece, a combination of your favorite flowers and a dreamy color palette. But behind that bouquet, there’s just so much more than flowers.

Other than the cost of flowers you paid for to put this stunning bridal bouquet together, don’t forget there’s also your time, creativity, knowledge, experience, and everything else like the cost your website, business templates that you purchased, your CRM client management system that you pay a monthly fee for, educational resources, bookkeeper, accountant, cooler, electricity, your gas, AND your own SALARY! just to name a few things… I mean no, this is not the entire list of things that you need to pay for to run your floral design business.

I know so many florists who don’t charge enough to cover all of that. These are your OPERATING EXPENSES. Ok. Confusion! I was one of those florists! I thought that ok it’s just 30 minutes going to the wholesaler to pickup the flowers, I mean whatever, I don’t want to nickel and dime my clients. But by the time I drive there and go back to my studio, I’ve spent an hour and a half before my day even got started! And not to mention the cost of gas and what about the mileage to get to the wholesaler’s? It’s all costs associated with running my business, right. Going to the wholesaler is not for personal purposes.

Then I spent another 3 hours clean those damn leaves off the stems, cutting and hydrating the flowers, and the CRM I used to send the proposal and contract, the back and forth emails and the 2 coffees I paid for when I first met with this couple to book this wedding. Again, these are the costs associated with running my business. These are the same costs associated with the beautiful bouquet that you have in front of you.

Stop charging your worth: what it means

Alright, let’s hit pause and chat about something you’ve probably heard a ton: “charge your worth.” Here’s my take on it – that advice is kind of like telling someone to catch a cloud. Nice idea, but how do you actually do it? Your worth? Do you feel that you’re worthy to be paid more or do you think that you’re new to the business and you don’t have enough experience to be charging more? If you ask these questions when quoting your designs, you’re charging based on your emotions. One day you might feel like you’re worth a million dollars and the next day you feel like crap because no one is booking you. There’s no consistency here! And I guarantee you, 98% of the florists I’ve spoken to tell me they cannot charge more because they’re new or they think their clients won’t pay that much. And that ain’t gonna work for your business, my friend.

I mean, unless you’re super famous, a celebrity floral designer, you can basically charge anything you want… but let’s face it, you, and I, are just a normal florist out there trying to run a business we love. If you are a celebrity designer, you wouldn’t be watching this video right now.

If you charge your “worth,” you will actually be in a never-ending cycle. Because if you’re just starting out or your business is not where you want it to be yet, you would feel pretty useless and worthless so you’re not going to charge much because you think you’re not good enough, which means you’re not going to make enough to cover your operating expenses. And what do you know, you’re in a cycle of feeling worthless, not charging much, not running a profitable business and you go back to feeling worthless all over again.

So here’s the thing, instead of trying to catch a cloud, you get practical. You charge using proven formulas for the professional value you bring to the table. It’s not about putting a dollar sign on your personal worth but about using a pricing formula that makes sense so you’re not just pulling random numbers in out of nowhere and charging what you think you’re worth.

The future of your business: sustainability

Now, let’s get real about the future – your business’s future. Sustainability. It’s kind of a big word that’s not just about eco-friendly, green life style here, but making sure your business is in it for the long run. We’re talking about creating a pricing model that doesn’t just work for the odd job here and there. I mean yes, you might be profitable for one or two weddings, but that profit you make from each wedding goes to paying for your operating expenses, remember, that long list of things that I just mentioned. You need to charge enough for each wedding to cover that, not just be in the positive for that one wedding.

Because at the end of the day, why did you get into business in the first place? To have a business that not only put food on the table and pay the bills but you’d want to be paying yourself more than a 9 to 5 job and then some, right?

Finally, the million dollar question!

So finally, after all that, the million-dollar question is, how do you put a price tag on that stunning bouquet of yours?

Here’s the industry standard and proven formula that you kind of must follow if you want a business that lasts.

First, let’s talk about your flowers. We’re looking at a markup of 3 to 4x what you pay to your floral wholesaler PLUS a design fee of 30 to 40% on top of the markup. You know I used to charge only 2x the wholesale cost and thought I was making good money, when in fact, my bank account was in the red because the 2x markup did not over my operating expenses.

Here’s an example of a bridal bouquet: [watch it here]

failproof flower pricing formula for wedding bridal bouquet

Here’s an example of a wedding ceremony arch: [watch it here]

failproof flower pricing formula for wedding ceremony arch

Hardgoods & labor markups

Ok but wait, you must be thinking, what about the hardgoods? These little necessities, like ribbon, floral type, waterproof tape and vase (because I deliver all bouquets in a 6” vase), I need to charge for them too even though they might be just a few dollars. Remember! You need to take all your expenses into account to have a profitable and sustainable business! So if you want the formulas for the hardgoods and labor markup, you can download the free cheatsheet HERE.

Now you do see how easy it is to plug in the numbers and ta-da! You get the retail price for your beautiful work. No guesswork needed.

70%+ profit margin

So what does this mean for each wedding contract? You need to make at least 70% profit from every single wedding in order to cover your operating expenses. Now how do you calculate that? Here we go… you take the price you charge minus the cost then divided by the price x 100, you’ll get the profit percentage. As you can see here, if you charge using the formula, you will not go wrong with it.

Here’s the profit margin for the bouquet and arch: [watch it here]

profit margin you need to make on each wedding flower contract


Charging correctly is not just about pulling in the profits (though, let’s be real, that’s a pretty sweet part of it). It’s about creating a business that lasts, one that allows you to keep doing what you love without lying awake at night, worrying about the bills. It’s about showing respect for your art, your time, and the incredible value you bring to someone’s special day.

And hey, I get it. Shifting from “what I think I’m worth” to “what my work is professionally valued at” is a big step. But trust me, it’s one that’s worth making. With the formulas and cheat sheet I’m sharing with you, you’re not just shooting in the dark anymore. You’ve got a roadmap, a clear guide to pricing your designs that will allow you to have a sustainable business.

So, go ahead, download that cheat sheet, and start applying these formulas. Whether it’s that dreamy bouquet or an entire wedding setup, you now have the tools to price with confidence, sustain your business, and, yes, pay yourself what you truly deserve.

And if you’re thinking, first you need to bring in those ideal clients of yours so that you actually have weddings to quote, well you can check out last week’s blog where I talk about what wedding couples really care about so you can tweak your marketing and business to attract them.

That’s it, my floral friend! If you can drop an ah-ha moment from this blog in the comments , I’d love to know how you will be applying what you’ve heard to your business.

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Cheering you on!

xo Caryn

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