How to Price Your Wedding Floral Designs for Profit and Never Overspend on Your Wholesale Flower Orders Again

Do you want to spend only 15 minutes pricing out wedding, confidently price your florals and immediately make more profit on every single wedding?

I have the what, why, how and the fail-proof pricing & flower ordering system to help you make more money on the next contract you sign!

What happens after you get off a consultation call with a couple and you need to send them a quote?
You sit down and you try to do the flower recipes from the inspiration images that they give you.

You spend a long time on the flower recipes making sure they’re correct.

You’re unsure if you’re pricing appropriately so you look at the quote
and you are judging that the prices seem to be too high.

You’re thinking that if the prices are too high, the couple will not hire you.
So you lower your prices.

Then you get rejected or ghosted and you are very discouraged and feel that you have done all that work for nothing.

If the couple says yes to your quote, now you panic.

You’re not sure exactly how much flowers to order.

You guesstimate on the flowers you need but you realize after that you have overspent

You don’t end up making that much money on the flowers.

Did you know...

there are industry standard formulas for pricing your flower arrangements?

If you knew, that’s great! Are you confidently applying those formulas to your wholesale flower orders? If not, why not?

    • Do the retail prices seem too high when you apply the formulas?
    • Are you afraid to charge that much because you don’t think that you have enough experience?
    • Are you afraid to charge that much because you think the couple will not want to pay that much for flowers?
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    If you didn’t know that there are industry-standard markups on flowers
    That’s ok, it ain’t your fault.
    I realized that they don’t even teach that properly in flower schools. So I’m not surprised that many florists like yourself, and the old me, don’t know the proper way of marking up flowers.

    wedding floral designer course educator

    I get it, I know how you feel. You put in so much time and effort trying to make a profit on all your weddings but you just seem to be going around in circles and not really confident about your prices.


    For many years I thought marking up 2.5 X was enough to be sustainable and profitable.

    But I was so wrong. The hours I spent on the quote & proposal and (silly me) not charging for delivery & setup, ended up giving me less than minimum wage per hour. Not to mention the money I wasted when I overspent on flowers.

    I was burnt out trying to run this business but it was obviously running my life instead. I knew I had to change and figure out a proper way to ensure I am making a healthy profit on each and every wedding. I needed to find a way to be sure about my numbers from pricing to ordering.


    so that… 

    • I don’t have to spend hours on pricing out a wedding.
    • I don’t have to do flower recipes before I’m even hired
    • I am 200% certain that I don’t over spend on flowers!
    • With this system, I see the numbers exactly as they are without guesstimating ever again.
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    You too CAN make a 70% or higher profit margin on every single wedding you do!

    No more

    guessing on your flower quotes and flower wholesale orders. No more overspending or underbuying.

    When you’re confident in your pricing, you only need 10-15 minutes to do your quotes!
    So you’re not wasting time before you’re even hired!

    Pricing is not a secret or a mystery. Nor is it difficult to understand.
    I have the exact pricing system that allows me to make a healthy profit and know my numbers clearly and I want to share that with you.

    wedding flower centerpiece arrangement on stand


    that you can feel so confident in your pricing that you will no longer feel like it’s all a mystery. You can charge what you’re supposed to charge without second guessing and doubting yourself. The result is that you can be saving hours on quoting and ordering. Not only that but you will be able to make more money on every single wedding!

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    What can you be doing with the extra 3 hours or more than you save on each quote? You can use that time to work on other areas of your business that can help move it forward. You can have more time with your family and have more time to yourself.

    wedding bridesmaids cornflower blue bridal bouquets

    You can profit more from each wedding, work less but still make more money working with your dream clients. It IS possible, all you have to do is implement!

    “I’m starting to implement the ideas and it’s ALREADY making a huge difference! I was ready to stop offering weddings altogether. Now I’m stoked for 2022!”

    ~B & Co.

    Take a Peek Inside the Course Curriculum!


    Intro – How Do You Price Your Floral Designs?

    Module 1 - Your Mindset & Pricing Pitfalls

    Lesson 1 – Rid Mindset Blocks

    Lesson 2 – Pricing Pitfalls

    Module 2 - Pricing for Profit

    Lesson 1 – Markups & Fees

    Lesson 2 – Setting Minimums

    Lesson 3 – Line Item vs. Lump Sum Pricing

    Module 3 - Quoting, Recipes & Ordering

    Lesson 1 – Quoting Using Minimum Prices per Item

    Lesson 2 – Flower Recipes

    Lesson 3 – Your Wholesalers

    Lesson 4 – Fail-Proof System Walk-Through

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    What You Get When You Say Yes...

    • You will have the confidence to charge properly
    • You will make more money on every wedding
    • You can ensure you profit 70% or more on each wedding
    • You will never overspend on your wholesale flowers ever again
    • Easy to understand, step-by-step video lessons
    • The formulas on how to markup on all your flowers, hardgoods & labor
    • The exact pricing and flower ordering system that cost me $3750 to build


    • Have the confidence to charge properly
    • Stop second-guessing yourself when you quote and buy flowers
    • Stop overspending on your wholesale flower orders
    • Profit at least 70% on every single wedding
    • Have the exact formula for pricing and see all the numbers clearly and exactly how they should be


    • Don’t want to make more money on every wedding
    • Are not open to learning ways you can save time
    • Want a get rich fast method
    • If you don’t want to take time to implement the work
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    Imagine if you don't take action TODAY...

    You can stay the same and keep second-guessing yourself, keep working hours without full pay and always overspend on flowers. You will feel stressed and overwhelmed not knowing exactly how you should price and order flowers. If you’re not making a healthy profit on your weddings, you will be burnt out making pennies, you will start to resent your work and eventually quit and go back to a 9 to 5 job.

    Imagine if you DO take action TODAY...

    You can start profiting more immediately on the next wedding you quote. If you’re getting the right clients through your door, you can see instant results that you can make more money on each wedding.

    You will be so confident in your pricing that you will no longer feel like it’s all a mystery. You can charge what you’re supposed to charge without second-guessing and doubting yourself. Imagine saving hours on quoting and ordering. What would you do with the hours that you save?

    wedding floral designer course educator 20

    Hi Floral Friend!

    I’m Caryn, nice to meet you!

    • I’ve been in the wedding industry for 17 years, I’ve done it all
    • I’ve started multiple failed businesses during that time
    • I bought 40k to 50k worth of courses from wedding and non-wedding experts and took all the best things to implement in my own business to make it work
    • I’ve turned my struggling business around using only 2 months to implement
    • I went from guessing my floral quotes and wholesale orders to knowing exactly how much I profit from every single wedding
    • I use only 1 hour (or less!) a day to manage my floral design business
    • I now profit between 73% to 78% on all my wedding
    how to make floral design business profitable
    • 10 Easy to Understand Lessons $997
    • Minimum Pricing Template $27
    • Fail-Proof Ordering System $3750
    • 14-day 1:1 Support via Slack $497


    Now Only $497!

    1-pay Option

    $497-1 time payment
    • The confidence to charge properly
    • Make more money on every wedding
    • Ensure you profit 70% or more on each wedding
    • Never overspend on your wholesale flowers again
    • Easy to understand step-by-step video lessons
    • Exact formulas for flowers, hardgoods, labor
    • Advance pricing & flower ordering system ($3750 value)
    • 14-day Slack access to me
    • 90-day money-back guarantee

    3-pay Option

    $197-3 payments
    • The confidence to charge properly
    • Make more money on every wedding
    • Ensure you profit 70% or more on each wedding
    • Never overspend on your wholesale flowers again
    • Easy to understand step-by-step video lessons
    • Exact formulas for flowers, hardgoods, labor
    • Advance pricing & flower order system ($3750 value)
    • 14-day Slack access to me
    • 90-day money-back guarantee

    “I was previously charging 2x of what my flowers cost. So my margin was only 50%. Now I’m charging 4x. I did it. I stuck to my prices even though the bride was a friend and I felt bad. She responded immediately and said, ‘ok just let m e know how we can move forward with booking!!'”



    When will I get access to the course and for how long?

    You will instantly get lifetime access to all the modules in the course You can keep referring back to the formulas time and time again and even have a refresher every year! Personally, I think that the first module, “Mindset and Pricing Pitfalls”, it’s important to review it often so that you’re approaching your business with the right and healthy mindset. You don’t want to be the reason you’re getting in your own way of profiting more in your floral business!


    You will also be notified of any updates in the future. I am constantly learning too! As I discover new or better methods, techniques or strategies, I will share them with you as well.

    I can't afford $497 right now, is there another way?

    Of course, the other way is to just sit back and do nothing about the way you price your floral designs now and how you order flowers. There’s a reason why you’re still here reading this. You are desperate for change. If you’re that desperate, you will find the money to invest in your business and in yourself and your family.


    Let’s just put it bluntly, you cannot afford not to start pricing and ordering properly for the next wedding you’re going to book.


    If $497 looks like a big amount, break it down. I always teach that you can have big goals (and you should), but you must break down your goals to smaller bite sized goals and milestones so that you can achiever them more easily.


    What is $497? It’s $20 a week for 6 months. What can you sacrifice every week to save you $20?

    • Is there anything you can sell in the next 2 weeks to make some extra cash?
    • Flash sale for some floral arrangements in your community?
    • Sell something in your house that you no longer need or use?
    • Some vases that have been sitting in your storage and not being used? Sell them on Facebook Marketplace.

    You’re a very creative person, so get creative here!


    What is $497 if you can make it back in only one or 2 weddings? What is $497 worth to you if you can have the tools you need to help you profit at least a 70% profit margin on every single wedding?


    It’s an investment alright, but if you’re not willing to invest in your own business, don’t expect others to invest in your floral design and expertise.


    Education is also something that allows us to be able to charge more for our work. When we elevate ourselves and business, we can also raise our pricing.


    If you are serious about being able to price confidently and never overspend on flowers again, this is something you need to invest in and your return on investment is far greater than the $497 you will invest.


    Instead of a full-pay option, I also have a 3-pay option to help you out if you’re serious about building a profitable and sustainable business.

    I don't have much time to take the course, do I need to spend hours watching the video lessons?

    No one has time these days, I get it. Your time is definitely precious, and I know you’d rather spend it with your family or do something else instead of taking a course.


    But think about what this course can do for you. You can instantly see results after implementing. You don’t have to waste time on pricing and ordering. Best of all? You will profit more from your weddings.


    So let’s not think about how long the course will take, but how much time the strategies taught in the course will save you if you’re willing to take action!


    The entire course is only 1.5 hours long. Each lesson is very simple and easy to understand and digestible. You will whizz through it in no time. Plus a very thorough video walk-through which I show you exactly what to do. You will start seeing the exact amount you will profit off each wedding and how much money you can spend on your wholesale flower orders.

    I've taken other floral pricing courses but didn't really gain antyhing from them. How is yours different?

    Yup, so have I! At one point I bought an excel flower ordering spreadsheet for $97. I was so excited until I realized the spreadsheet was nothing more than a few simple excel formulas that anyone can do. They were literally just “=quantity x price” and “=sum of all the cost”. I was furious! I wasted $97, which, at the time, was a lot to me. If it gave me what I needed, I don’t mind spending more than $97 if I needed to.


    That was when I decided to make my own killer excel spreadsheet. I used it for a few years, everything worked great for myself. However, the excel sheet was something I put together for myself, and I’m no spreadsheet expert here, so only I would understand! I decided to hire someone to make it even better so that I can share it with you. The price that I ended up paying for it was $3750. This is exactly what a stem counter does, yup, something that you’d have to pay a monthly fee of at least $39 to use the app.


    This course does not only tell you the what, how and why but it gives you the tool you need to save you time. Even if you get nothing else from the course, which I am confident that you 100% will, you still have this advance pricing and ordering system that will save you time. It’s basically a steal at $497 for this $3750 fail-proof system.

    What is this fail-proof excel template system that you keep raving about?

    Great question! Here’s a thorough walk-through of it! (Best viewed on a desktop).


    This Microsoft Excel template is enabled with macros. This means that we use small programs in the background to provide functions and features beyond what Excel would normally provide. That’s why this cost me $3750 to create!


    But! Please keep in mind that this system ONLY works with Microsoft Excel 2007 version or higher. It is not supported in Google Sheets or Apple Numbers.

    Is your spreadsheet compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets & Apple Numbers?

    Please take note that the spreadsheet template that I use in my business and in the courses are only supported on Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher. If you only have Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, unfortunately, we do not support that.


    You can have a sneak peek right below here!


    This Microsoft Excel template is enabled with macros. This means that we use small programs in the background to provide functions and features beyond what Excel would normally provide. This is why the full Excel system cost $3750 to create.

    Sneak Peek of My Fail-Proof Flower Pricing & Ordering System


    The formulas in the course are proven industry standard formulas that work 200%. The advance excel sheets that I use to price and order flowers is a fail-proof system that shows you exactly how much you’re making on each and every single wedding.


    If you’re consistently doing weddings and you have, let’s say, one wedding a weekend from May to October, and you can make $20 more on every single wedding, the course already paid for itself.

    BUT the thing is, you will not only profit $20 more on every wedding. You will make $200, $300, $500 or even $1000+ on every single wedding!

    If you can make an extra $250 more on the next two weddings, you have already made back the price of the course. And you will make many many more $250, $500… after that.

    Is saving 3 hours on quoting and losing money on overspending worth $20 per wedding?

    And plus! You’re basically stealing my fail-proof template system that I paid $3750 for!

    money back guaranteed floral design course


    I am SO confident that this course will be a gamechanger for you.

    I guarantee that you will make your money back in no time!

    If you have a consistent flow of weddings, at least one a week and you’re not profiting more than $20 that you wouldn’t have originally made, total $500, in good faith, I will refund you the price of the course. All you have to do is to show that you have done the all the course work and (in good faith) implemented the strategies and let me know the reason that it did not work. You not implementing and being lazy is not a reason for refund.

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