For Florists Who Are Lost When It Comes To Ordering Flowers

You Underbuy or You Overbuy

You always guess how many flowers are in each arrangement, spend forever putting in your flower orders and don’t even know how much to charge

Weding Floral Design Flower Recipe Formulas Product

Let’s take the guessing out of your flower ordering with these proven flower recipes that I’ve personally created for my couples.

Do you look at an inspiration photo your couple sends you and you’ve no idea how much to charge?

You spend a long time on the flower recipes making sure they’re correct.

You’re unsure if you’re pricing appropriately so you look at the quote
and you are judging that the prices seem to be too high.

You’re thinking that if the prices are too high, the couple will not hire you.
So you lower your prices.

When it comes to actually ordering your flowers, you hesitate on what to order.
Then you realize that you didn’t make much after all was said and one.

Did you know...

there are industry standard formulas for pricing your flower arrangements?

If you knew, that’s great! But are you looking at the price quote you calculated and still questioning wheather it’s right or not?

  • Do the retail prices seem too high when you apply the formulas?
  • Are you afraid to charge that much because you think the couple will not want to pay that much for flowers?
  • It seems crazy because you wouldn’t even pay that price yourself?
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I hate to break it to you, but if you keep guessing and hesitating on your flower recipes and formulas, you’re not going to be sustainable in the long run.

  • You’ll keep wasting time and energy doubting your self and redo the recipes over and over again
  • You are not confident when you hit that “send” button when you quote your clients
  • You end up buying more flowers “just in case”, you overbuy and have so much wasted, not to mention, money lost
  • Or you underbuy and you waste time going back to the wholesaler to get more and risking not having the flowers that you need at the last minute

I’ve gathered some of my recipes for you…

down to the very last detail…

  • Images of the floral arrangements and installations
  • Flower ingredients needed
  • Tools, hardgoods and rentals I used
  • Instructions
  • Tips
  • Pricing breakdown
  • What I charged the couple for each recipe
bride holding garden style bridal bouquet


  • Gain valuable some time back
  • Stop overbuying and wasting money and flowers
  • Stop underbuying and be stressed out having to go back to the wholesaler to get more flowers that might not even be in stock
  • See exactly how it’s done
  • Profit more from your floral contracts


  • Don’t believe that it’s possible to charge industry standard pricing
  • Don’t want to have a profitable floral design business
  • If you’re doing this as a hobby and not for profit

Recipes Included

Weding Floral Design Flower Recipe Formulas Product

Flower Recipes & Formulas

$147-1 time payment
  • The confidence to charge properly
  • Make more money on every wedding
  • Stop overbuying flowers that end up in the garbage
  • Stop underbuying and be stressed out
  • The flower ingredients I use
  • The tools, hardgoods and rentals needed
  • Exact pricing formulas and how much to charge


When will I get access to the recipes & pricing formulas?

You will get instant access to the flower recipes and ingredients. But because I am just newly launching these recipes, I have decided to add in all the pricing and formulas for you so that you can see exactly how it’s done.

I will take another week to put this together to deliver it to you in your course dashboard, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

What exactly is included in these recipes & formulas?

For every recipe, you will get:

  • images and even videos of the flowers in some recipes
  • flower stem count and ingredients I used
  • tools, hardgoods and rentals you need
  • pricing breakdown of each flower
  • pricing formula of each arrangement and installation
  • steps on how I assembled each piece
  • tips
How many recipes will I get?

You will get 10 to start off. I will be adding more to it and updating you via email whenever there are new recipes available in your dashboard.

In this first batch of recipes, you will get:

  • 3 bouquets
  • 4 centerpieces
  • 4 ceremony installations
Will the price go up as you add more recipes in the future?

You bet! As I add more to the library of recipes, the price will definitely go up. Get Vol. 1 at the lowest price now!

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the purchase?

Sorry, due to the digital nature of this product, we do not have a refund option.

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