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Are you feeling stuck like you can never attract better clientsWhy do clients always ask you for styles that you don’t want to do?

The answer is simpler than you think: they’re asking for what they see!

Your website gallery and social media are only showcasing styles that don’t reflect your preferred aesthetic. I was in the “wrong style” boat myself just a few short years ago, so don’t worry, there’s an easy fix! I discovered the power of styled shoots. When done right, that is. It is exactly how I changed my portfolio around 180 degrees!

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By the end of this blogpost, you’ll learn the power of styled shoots and the keys to leveraging them to attract weddings that you actually enjoy designing.

I’ll give you the steps to make sure you leverage it to the fullest and not just come out with a few more images to post on your Instagram but a strategic portfolio that gives you back tenfold you put in! So let’s dive in!

Now remember what I talked about in my last blogpost, about strategic branding? If you haven’t read it, you can read it here afterwards. A styled shoot is where we visually bring your branding to life! This is super exciting as you get to have 100% complete control over how you want things done, you’re the boss for once and not your clients who hired you. So make the most out of it.

Step 1: Dive into Your Ideal Clients

Before diving headfirst into design, take a deep dive into understanding your ideal client. Who are they? You don’t want to target all couples getting married, not all clients are equal. I talked about that in this blogpost HERE if you want to understand what it means to have an ideal client. Make sure you go back to read it so you’re not wasting your efforts on a styled shoot.

What inspires your ideal couples? What are their specific wedding style preferences? When you know your ideal clients, you can create a digital profile that acts as your guiding star throughout the planning process.

Step 2: Choose Specific Theme

Based on your client profile, curate a specific theme for your shoot.  Is it a romantic garden wedding bursting with soft pastels and cascading florals? Or perhaps a modern, minimalist celebration with bold geometric shapes and statement flowers.

What is the theme that you want for the styled shoot that aligns with your ideal clients?

Step 3: Create Moodboard

Once you have a theme in mind, create a mood board that visually represents your vision. Include photos, color swatches, fabric textures, and anything else that captures the essence of your dream client’s wedding. Of course, Pinterest is great for this!

Step 4: Gather Your Team

Based on your mood board and vision, make a list of vendors who align with your aesthetics. Not all clients are equal as not all vendors are equal. Some vendors are a great fit with your brand and some are a complete.

The vendors you choose to invite have to share your vision and can contribute to a cohesive look. Look for ones who are already working with your ideal clients. This includes photographers, event planners, stylists, and other creatives. The right team will not only enhance your concept but can also extend your reach as they share the results with their audience.

When contacting potential vendors to collaborate with, don’t just send a generic email. Briefly introduce yourself, highlight your vision for the shoot, and explain how they would contribute to achieving a cohesive aesthetic. Remember, this is about building long-term connections, not just a one-time collaboration. Don’t forget to let them know that you aim to get the shoot published on wedding blogs or magazines.

A great team is more than just helping hands. They bring their own expertise and creativity to the table, elevating your vision and creating a truly exceptional outcome.

Step 5: Team Meeting

Make sure all vendors receive your mood board so that they’re all on the same page. The photographer, and videographer if you decide to bring onboard one, must agree to edit the images and videos within 2 weeks. Let’s not put it off for too long. Get things rolling when everyone is still on styled shoot high and excited about it, otherwise, the excitement will die off and they’re less likely to share the results with their audience. You can even have the vendors sign a contract. It’s that serious!

Step 6: Plan plan plan!

Plan everything down to the last petal. Planning is key to a successful styled shoot. Every detail from the venue, to the props, to the time of day for capturing the best light needs to be considered and your photographer would be the best to ask about this. This attention to detail will reflect in the quality of the images and ultimately in how your work is perceived.

Step 7: Feature Photos Everywhere!

Once you get the pro pics and videos back, don’t just post a couple of carousels on your Instagram and call it a day. What a waste! Plaster them anywhere and everywhere! Make sure you feature a lot of these photos on your website. I’m not talking about putting them in an album in your gallery, that yes, but also throughout your website.

If you planned and designed the shoot well, the elements and they images tell a story, your brand story. People are attracted to stories because they can relate to them. Have these images prominently on your homepage, especially above the fold, the part before people start scrolling down the page. Your about page, series page, and your contact page. You should also use the images in your proposal, your consultation call presentation and any other printed materials such as brochures and flyers for wedding shows.

Step 8: Submit Your Photos

Make sure you submit your styled shoot to wedding blogs and magazines that align with your brand, not just any random blog. When it’s published, again, advertise the feature everywhere. Get the logo of the blog and/or magazines, we call this media bling. Get the bling and put that on your website, email signature, and everywhere. When your ideal clients see that you’ve been featured, this adds authority and trust with your ideal clients. I’ve put together a list of online blogs you can submit your styled shoot to, you can download the list RIGHT HERE.

Step 9: Collect & Analyze Feedbacks

After your styled shoot goes public, take the time to analyze the feedback from your peers and potential clients. Or if it doesn’t go public, if none of the blogs you reach out to wants to feature your shoot, it’s either you completely missed the mark on their target audience, or the quality of the shoot and images just weren’t up to par. Use this as a learning experience.

Review each aspect of the shoot—what worked, what didn’t, and why. Reach out for constructive criticism from trusted colleagues or mentors who can provide honest feedback. You can even ask the blog why they rejected your submission and hopefully, they can give you some insights for improvement.

Step 10: Refine & Improve

After gathering all the feedback and insights, grab a coffee and think about what tweaks you can make for your next styled shoot. Maybe your style needs a little nudge to better vibe with your ideal client, or it could be time to kick your styling elements up a notch. It’s all about getting better each time. Every shoot is your chance to fine-tune your skills and really dial into what your target market wants, keeping your brand fresh and relevant.

Keep in mind, styled shoots are way more than just some gorgeous photos—they’re your powerhouse marketing tools. They tell the story of what you can uniquely bring to a couple’s big day. It’s your controlled playground to test out new ideas, get creative, and show off your best work in a way that directly connects with your dream clients.

Wrapping it up. Remember styled shoots are a solid investment in your biz. Sure, they need time, effort, and a bit of cash, especially when you’re working with flowers, but man, the payoff can be massive if you play your cards right like I did! They up your visibility, pump up your brand, and position you as the go-to expert in your field. So treat each shoot like it’s a big deal. With some savvy planning, a strong creative game, and a smart strategy, styled shoots can be your golden ticket to scoring the kind of weddings—and clients—you’ve always wanted to design for.

So, are you ready to start planning your next styled shoot? Let’s make it one that not only fills up your portfolio but also brings in clients who are dying to work with you. It’s all about creating images that sell not just your skills, but your unique creative vision. Let’s get to it and transform your business!

Now action steps!

  1. Set a shoot date.
  2. Put it in your calendar!
  3. Do steps 1 to 10 above.

Ok that’s it! Don’t forget to down a list of wedding blogs and magazines you can submit your styled shoot to. Spy on each one to see which is the closest match to your brand and let that be your goal and guide for your shoot. Download this list RIGHT HERE.

Now other than the photos from your styled shoot, there are 5 other types of brand photos you must have for your wedding floral design business. These photos put you front and center of your brand so that people see your face and they make your brand more personable and relatable. Your brand photos all contribute to telling your brand story and bringing it to lifeThat’s what I’ll be talking about in next week’s blopost. I’ll see you next week!
Cheering you on!

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that your wedding floral design business could really take off if you just knew the right steps to attract your dream clients? Trust me, I’ve been right where you are. After over a decade of trial and error, I figured out exactly what works to draw in those dreamy clients and make my business thrive, even when times got tough.

I put all these learnings into something I wish I had back then – the Dream Client Attraction Blueprint. It’s not just any guide; it’s a collection of practical action steps that you can start using today to get those dream clients knocking on your door.

So, why keep wondering what if? Grab your free guide now, and let’s get your business flourishing together!

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