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91-Day Done-for-you Instagram Content & Mastery

(a $197 value)

  • Time-Saving Content Creation: Ready-to-use captions so you can save time on brainstorming and writing, allowing you to focus more on designing.
  • Build Trust & Engagement: Schedule consistent, high-quality posts so that your brand remains visible and engaging, building trust with postential clients.
  • Attract Your Ideal Clients: Curate content that resonates with your ideal couples so that you can book weddings that align with your pass & style.
  • Tailored Instagram Strategies:: Gain insights on effective bio, feed, hashtags, and highlights so that you can optimize your IG presence & reach more clients.

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How to Write a Floral Design Proposal that Books Product Image

How to Write a Floral Design Proposal That Books! $197 on sale for only $97

Snag This Deal: Monday, Nov 20, 23

  • Craft Proposals That Stand Out: Ever wish your proposals could just pop off the page? We’re talking about unique strategies that make your service the no-brainer choice for couples. It’s like giving your proposals a superpower!
  • Streamline Your Process: Imagine cutting down on all that paperwork and having more time to unleash your creative genius on designs. That’s what you get here – a simplified proposal process that gives you back your precious time.
  • Communicate Value Effectively: It’s not just about the price, right? We’ll show you how to write in a way that has clients seeing the real value of what you do. It’s all about making them go ‘Wow, they really get it!’
  • Bonus – Done-for-you Proposal Wording & Template: And guess what? We’ve got a little extra for you! A ready-to-use proposal wording and template. It’s like having a magic wand to whip up perfect proposals in no time!

Think of it as your secret toolkit to make your business stand out, save time, and show off your true value – all while keeping things simple and stress-free. Let’s make those proposals shine! 

Instant access upon purchase.


Website Audit $197 on sale for only $97

Snag This Deal: Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

  • A Website That Converts Better: Picture your website with a turbo boost in converting visitors to customers. We’ll take a look and pinpoint those key tweaks that can ramp up your site’s effectiveness. 
  • Custom Tips Just for You: Forget cookie-cutter advice. You’ll get a plan that’s tailored just for your site, focusing on what you really need. It’s like getting a custom strategy to help your site shine.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Attraction: Think of your website becoming a place where visitors not only land but love to stay. We focus on making your site more engaging and attractive, encouraging visitors to stick around and explore what you offer.
  • A User-Friendly Experience: We’re here to make your site not just look great, but super easy and enjoyable to use. Happy visitors often turn into happy customers, right?
  • Climb Up Those Search Rankings: SEO can be a maze, but we’re here to guide you through. We’ll help boost your site’s search engine presence, making it easier for people to find you.
  • A Clear Action Plan: You’ll get a neatly packaged PDF with step-by-step suggestions to implement. It’s your personal roadmap to a more successful website!
  • Bonus: Website checklist
  • Bonus: Homepage layout template

Instant access upon purchase.


how to make floral design business profitable product image

How to Price for Profit $597 on sale for only $297

Snag This Deal: Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023
  • Confidence in Your Pricing: No more second-guessing your quotes. Learn to price your designs with confidence, ensuring you’re charging properly AND feeling great about it!
  • More Money in Your Pocket: Get the formula that just works every time – no guesswork, no trial and error. This proven method guides you on precisely how to price each element of your service and order your flowers efficiently. The result? A consistent increase in your earnings with every wedding you book.
  • Quick and Accurate Quotes: Streamline quoting so that you can provide estimates quickly and accurately to win over clients faster.
  • Never overspend on Wholesale Flowers Again: Say goodbye to costly flower overspending. We’ll show you how to smartly order exactly what you need, ensuring you maximize your floral budget for every wedding.
  • Easy-to-Follow Lessons: No complicated jargon here – just simple, step-by-step video lessons that make implementing a breeze.
  • Bonus: Get access to a fail-proof stem count & flower order system – all without the monthly fees.

Instant access upon purchase.


Flower Recipe Formulas Product Image

10 Flower Recipes $147 on sale for only $67

Snag This Deal: Thursday, Nov 23, 2023
  • Straightforward Pricings: See the exact pricing formulas we use and find clarity in your pricing. Our recipes and formulas take the guesswork out, helping you price your arrangements fairly and confidently.
  • Streamline Workflow & Save Time: Imagine a smoother workflow with less trial and error, allowing you to manage multiple projects efficiently. Our well-organized recipes save you time in planning and quoting, so you can respond quickly to client requests.
  • Save Money & Avoid Wastage: Know exactly what and how much you need for each arrangement. Our recipes help you minimize waste and maximize profitability, ensuring effective budgeting for every project.
  • Make Wholesale Orders Faster: Get the list of ingredients used for each arrangement so you don’t have to guess what was used and spend forever making your order.
  • Essential Tools: You’ll also get a full list of tools, hardgoods and rentals that are needed to bring the floral arrangement to life.
  • Eliminate Stress: Avoid the last-minute rush. Our detailed recipes ensure you always have the perfect quantity of flowers, making every wedding a breeze.

Instant access upon purchase.


Flourish My Wedding Business Product Image


Flourish My Business Blueprint $2997 PRE-SELL for only $1997

Snag This Deal: Friday, Nov 24, 2023
  • Finally Work with Clients You Love: Learn to attract your dream clients, so that every wedding is a source of pride and joy, reflecting your passion and expertise.
  • Easier Marketing: Streamline your marketing efforts to efficiently reach your ideal couples, so that you can grow your business with less effort and more satisfaction.
  • Crystal-Clear Branding: Gain a clear understanding of your brand identity and messaging, so that you stand out effortlessly to your ideal clients in a competitive market, making your business the obvious choice.
  • Less Stress: Reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, so that you can focus more on your creative passion and enjoy a balanced, fulfilling career… and life!
  • Leverage AI: Quickly refind your brand and marketing with the help of AI, so that you can save time, stay ahead of the curve and appeal more effectively to your ideal couples.
  • Bonus #1: Price for Profit (Value of $549)
  • Bonus #2: How to Write a Floral Design Proposal That Books (Value of $197)
  • Bonus #3: Website Audit (Value of $197)
  • Bonus #4: Floral Recipes (Value of $147)
  • Total Value: $10,979 NOW $1997

Program launches in January.

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