5 Advice for New Wedding Florists

5 Advice for New Wedding Florists

Do you want to dive into the world of wedding floral design? As a new (or existing!) florist offering floral design service, there is enough to figure out and try to navigate to build a successful business. Here are 5 quick advice for you!

1. Get Your Hands Dirty

Getting your hands “dirty” is as important if not more important than knowing how to arrange flowers. There really is no substitution for hands-on learning. Especially when you are just starting out, I’m sure you’re doing a lot of things yourself. Remember not to think of each task as a task but to see it as a learning opportunity.

For example, when you’re washing buckets or cleaning wax out of candle holders, find the best way to do it. Find ways to improve and to do it faster the next time.

When you’re writing proposals, how can you do streamline it and do in the least amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality, of course. It used to take me hours to create one proposal. I learned to find shortcuts to streamline the process.

2. Finding a Quality Floral Wholesaler is Important

Since day 1 I started arranging flowers, I learned that having a quality wholesale floral supplier is important. Find a quality floral wholesaler and not one with the cheapest pricing. Often cheap pricing comes with old and moldy products, bad customer service, headaches and lower quality products. I’ve had wedding planners, brides and guests comment on how amazing the quality of my flowers are. They last another week at room temperature after the wedding was said in done. A wedding planner even commented on how my flowers all seem to be bigger than other florists!

3. Setting Up Your Website Should be Your Priority

Your website is your storefront that’s open 24/7! How do customers find you? No by strolling the streets to hopefully find a florist for their wedding. They Google, duh! Not only should you have a website, but you need a killer website in this day and age. A website that really showcases your expertise and one that CONVERTS!

On top of that, you should work on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Just because you’ve a website doesn’t mean it will show up on Google when people search for you. Invest some time and money in SEO and get those organic leads.

4. Under Delivering is Not an Option

Never over-promise and under deliver. It’s unfortunate vendors and suppliers promise things before the contract is signed and they back out of their words after the deposit is made. Don’t be one of those florists. It is not good for your name and not sustainable in the long run. Always always always try to go above and beyond. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean giving discounts or working for free. There are definitely ways to elevate your customer service and your couples will notice it.

5. Never Think You’re Done Learning

I’ve a coach and my coach has a coach too (or multiple coaches)! No matter which stage of the business you’re in, there’s always something new to learn. The number one mistake is to think that you know everything and you stop learning and stop caring. The way you do business, technology, and basically everything in life, keep evolving. We need to evolve with it.

Weddings, especially in cold regions, are seasonal. Where I am in Canada, the wedding season is only about 6 to 7 months long. What about the rest of the year? It’s the perfect opportunity to work on the business and learning something new. This is how you grow. Don’t just always stay where you are. Learning, improve, implement, grow.

I invite you to reach out or comment below if you have any questions about being a new floral designer. I’m happy to answer your questions or direct you to the right place if I can!

Cheering you on!


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