7 Benefits Of Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings will be the new normal for the next little while! We actually LOVE intimate weddings and planning them! The smallest wedding we have done was a wedding of 8 guests, including the bride & groom! It was one of our favorite weddings we have planned and designed in Old Montreal. Here are 7 reasons why we love intimate weddings.


Those who matter most. You get to celebrate your most important day with the people who matter to you most. Many couples are telling us an intimate wedding was the best decision they made. A guest list with only the immediate family members was perfect for them, which made the celebration even more special.


Quality over quantity. With only a few guests at your wedding, it will allow you to have more meaningful conversations with them instead of having to spread yourself thin among all your guests. You can better show the people who matter to you most how much you love and appreciate them. Not to mention, with so many people to greet, couples often miss out on their own wedding meals!


You can save money. Scaling back your guest list means you get to scale back your budget too. Instead of paying for 100 meals, 12 centerpieces, and 75 invitations, you only pay for your immediate family members, a couple of floral arrangements for their tables and save on the paper goods.


You can splurge. Saving money on a big guest list can allow you to splurge on areas that matter to you most. One of the things my intimate wedding couples told us they were able to do was to spend more on a professional photographer and put more money towards beautiful fresh florals for their special day. With a big guest list, they would never have been able to afford their photographer or more elaborated florals, the things they really wanted.


More eco-friendly. Social gatherings and events produce way too much waste, more than we are conscious of. With fewer guests, you can help to reduce the ecological footprint your special day would have had on the planet.


DIY made easy. If you’re anything like me who loves details, an intimate wedding is for you! Details, details, details! I love DIY-ing things like special menus, favours and personalized gifts for guests when I host. Having a small wedding allows me to be able to do that for each of my guests.


Splurge on honeymoon. Especially true if you and your hunny love to travel, you can have an amazing honeymoon exploring more places as newlyweds. You can create more beautiful memories together.

If you’re considering planning an intimate wedding. I’d love to chat and learn more about what your dream wedding would be so I can make it happen for you!


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