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Hi Floral Friend!

Does this sound like you…?
  • You have a hard time attracting the ideal couples you love working with
  • You feel you’re under valued
  • You work too much but still not bringing in the money
  • You don’t know where the problem is
  • You’re lost, stuck, or just don’t know how to turn your business around
wedding florist setting up

It’s super embarrassing to admit,
but this was me just a few years ago,
even though I started in the wedding industry in 2005.

wedding floral designer setup

I finally figured it out!

In just a couple of years, I went from…

  • charging $1k per contract  =>  landing $7k – $12k floral design clients
  • working 3-4 weddings a weekend  =>  only 1 and lots of weekends off with my son
  • working 16-hour days  =>  only 2-hour days on my wedding business
  • burnt out running 1 business  =>  starting another business with 5-figure clients

Now my goal is to help florists
to do the same to finally attract their dream wedding floral design clients so they can build a business they love

wedding florist in the media

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